Virginia Shark Tank 2018

SATURDAY, APRIL 14th, 2018 | 5:00pm – 10:30pm

Stryker Center, 412 North Boundary St. Williamsburg, VA 23185

The Virginia Shark Tank returns to the Stryker Center on April 14. We’ll be placing five to six carefully selected entrepreneurs and 10-20 early stage startups in front of a panel of investors who will take no quarter. Last year, the sharks invested $200K in participants. Find out who will make an appearance this year and see what happens!

An exhibit space in the lobby will showcase several additional startups from throughout Virginia. Food is included in the ticket price (including vegetarian options), and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the event.

The event will be held at the Stryker Center at 412 North Boundary Street in Williamsburg on Saturday, April 14. The expo and doors open at 4:30. The main event begins at 6pm. Live audience seating is first come first serve and nearly sold out last year, so make sure to get your tickets early and arrive early to claim your seats!

Each of the main participants will have 8 minutes to present, followed by a 12-minute Q&A session with the judges. In between the first participants, other will have 90-seconds to pitch to the judges and audience. You’ll have an opportunity to meet them during intermission and in the expo area.

Ignition is a 501(c)3 non-profit business accelerator based in Williamsburg, Virginia. Founded by entrepreneurs, we provide support, resources, and direct investment to help entrepreneurs develop an idea and swiftly take it to market. We collaborate with entrepreneurs to build profitable and sustainable businesses. We invest in possibility. Learn more at

This event is not endorsed or sponsored by Shark Tank the TV show


4:30 pmDoors Open
5:00 pmNetworking and social in expo area. Food arrives
5:50 PMTen minute warning to take seats
6:00 PMMain event begins, stage doors close
6:05-6:10 PMIntroduction
6:10-6:20 PMA few words from last year's participants
6:20-6:25 PMWelcome the Sharks!
6:25 to 6:40 PM5 Elevator pitches
6:40-7:00 PM1st Pitch
7:00-7:10 PM5 Elevator pitches
7:10-7:30 PM2nd pitch
7:30-7:40 PM5 Elevator pitches
7:40-8:10 PM30-minute intermission
8:10 PMMC welcomes back audience
8:15-8:40 PM3rd pitch
8:15-8:40 PM3rd pitch
8:45-9:05 PM4th pitch
9:10-9:30 PM5th pitch
9:35 PMConcluding remarks from judges and Ignition
9:45 PMMain event ends
10:30 PMFacility closes. Afterparty TBD


I just wanted to say thank you for having KAksuKers the product and myself there Saturday night. What a great time and experience. Talking with people I realized exactly where I believe the product should go moving forward. An epiphany you could say. Thanks again for everything and hopefully I will be seeing you soon.
- Cole B

Wanted to reach out and say thank you for inviting us to participate in the Virginia Shark Tank.  It was an extremely well run event and it was great to meet all of the other entrepreneurs.  Moreover, it was extremely valuable to our company and we are currently engaging with a number of the judges and spectators that we met at the event.  If there is anything we can do to help, in terms of promotion, feedback, testimonials, etc., please don't hesitate to ask.
- Sam B, 1Degree App

"Congratulations on a great event.  Your turn-out was much better in numbers and quality compared to the START events over the last six years."
- Jack G, Investor

"This has been an amazing event unlike anything in Williamsburg before"
- John T

"I wanted to thank you again for hosting such a great event. We received a lot of positive feedback and helpful suggestions for our business.
We look forward to being a part of the Ignition team and might be reaching out soon for some assistance in some way..."
- Steve W, WormWatchers

"Thank you for the amazing experience at Shark Tank. The ability to get so much exposure so early on in this process is so valuable. I received a lot of valuable feedback and made many new contacts. I am very grateful to you and Ignition for making this possible."
- Billy K

Next time a larger venue! I enjoyed it on FB live, but would have loved to have attended.
- Valerie S

“Excellent event, I look forward to the next one”
- Tony S

Why Shark Tank Virginia?

The event is fun and entertaining, but we’re really here to come together as one and celebrate the journey of entrepreneurship. It is not about any city or any geographic region. We don’t see borders or divisions. It’s about something much bigger- the spirit of entrepreneurship, creation, and ingenuity. The desire to create something that will enhance our world beyond our generation. We’re here to celebrate this spirit, and the risks and challenges associated with that journey.

We seek to inspire others to create something they are passionate about, to adopt the entrepreneurial mindset, and to let them know that while the journey is intimidating, that there is a strong community that has walked in their shoes, and is here to support them.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
– Mark Twain