What we do

There is currently no cost to join the Ignition community and work at Ignition Center. We are in the business of creating great companies and inspiring entrepreneurs, not renting office space. Some of the services and tools require

You don’t have to know anything about business, starting a company, or have any experience. It’s ok if you don’t know some of the terminology you will read here- or put together a business plan, business model, or cost and price your products. Ignition is also here to educate hopeful entrepreneurs on the critical things that they need to consider when deciding to embark on their first venture.


For co-working professionals, or idea stage entrepreneurs who haven’t decided or committed to starting a business.

  • Co-working space available between 10am to 5pm. There is no cost to join our entrepreneurial community
  • Collaborators that want access to additional benefits listed in the incubator or accelerator levels will be subject to a monthly fee


Who should apply: Early stage founders and businesses transforming an idea to a startup. The goal in this stage is to help founders establish a solid business model, establish needs, and get it to the point of its first sale.

  • Introductions to Ignition’s network of legal professionals, web designers, web developers, app developers, and marketers
  • Access to Ignition’s network of mentors and entrepreneurs
  • Use of conference room
  • Growth Wheel access
  • Discounted Dropbox Pro membership
  • Discounted Intercom access for real time web chat with customers
  • Discounted Typeform access
  • 24/7 access to Ignition Center
  • 3D printer and drone access
  • Use of Ignition mailing address.


Who should apply: Formed startups trying to validate their business model, seeking investment, and/or to grow their business. Accelerators may also receive direct investment from Ignition or an Ignition investor via the Ignition Venture Fund.

  • Investment
  • Access to Ignition’s Amazon Activate credit program for startups: free Amazon Web Hosting
  • Support from Ignition’s internship program
  • Intercom access for real time web chat with customers
  • Typeform access
  • Dropbox Pro membership
  • Access to Ignition’s team of vetted and verified legal professionals, web designers, web developers, app developers, and marketers
  • Use of conference room
  • 24/7 access to the Ignition Center
  • 3D printer and drone access
  • Ignition mentor network
  • Use of Ignition mailing address
  • Access to Ignition’s intern program
  • Growth Wheel access

So, what are we looking for?

In short, where we place you depends on the stage of your business, if it is making any money, and on the three things listed below.

Founder and Team

We’re looking for founders with the drive and commitment who are ready to put in the time to create profitable companies. The founder’s team, experience, characteristics, and vision play an important role in our decisions to invest resources into a startup.

Value Proposition

With all of the competing and alternative options in the world today, why are people going to buy your product or service? What problem is it solving? Is it doing something better? Is it making something less expensive? The first question you should ask yourself and that we will need to be convinced of, is what value does your product bring to the market? What makes it special?

Business Model Canvas

We highly recommend that each concept or business grades itself on the business model canvas and value proposition. The business model canvas is a tool that helps to determine the strength of your business. How is it going to make money? What are your costs? What are the key pieces needed for it to work?

Here’s how Ignition’s process works

The Ignition process is simple and transparent. It starts with our application, which is needed to schedule a meeting with us. Once we review your application and reach out to you on what the next steps are,depending on the path that is most appropriate for you. Ignition does not charge to come in, work out of our center, and join the entrepreneurial community there.


Complete the initial application


Application is reviewed. We place candidates into one of our plans, or schedule a meeting. Expect to hear back from us in 1 to 2 weeks.


After initial meeting, applicant is determined to be a collaborator or incubator; or accelerator depending on the stage of their business and their needs.


If applicant enters the accelerator program, they must complete our founder application. A second meeting is held to determine level of investment, goals, and level of participation.