20 Mentors Igniting Entrepreneurship

Ben Cox

Int'l Business, Sales & Marketing, Operations Management, Private Equity for Industrial Markets

Bill Woodward

Merchandising, Home, and Products

Brenda Snow

Entrepreneur in Healthcare and Marketing, Founder of SNOW

Catesby Jones

Peace Frogs, Inc.

Charlene Rigal

COR Marketing

Corbin Wood


David Hancock

Guerilla Marketing and Publishing

David Janoff

Company Message Creation | Storytelling

Elliot Roth

Biology, science based startups

Joe Belsterling

EdTech, Founder of MajorClarity

Kathleen Gallon

Human Resources

Lance Zaal

Entrepreneur in Software, Mobile Applications, and Tourism

Larry Pope

Former CEO of Smithfield Ham

Matt Hayes

Head of Marketing & founding member at Leesa Sleep – Digital Marketing, eCommerce & Brand Building

Michael McCollum

Business | Securities | Regulation | Private Equity

Mike Watson

Control Automation Technologies Corp

Robin Barret Bledsoe

B & D Capacity Builders, LLC

Tim Saumier

TYGES International Founder; Executive Search and Commercial Real Estate

Wendy Kuhn

Pitches and public speaking

Willy Donaldson

Strategic Venture Planning