Ignition is always looking for investors ready to take a calculated risk on promising startups and entrepreneurs. Ignition does not serve as a broker between an individual and an investor. Instead, we maintain a diverse portfolio of startups in a range of different industries. The Ignition Fund is new, and we’re looking to actively grow it.

  • The size of the fund is currently under $1M; however we seek to grow it to $5M.
  • Each company will provide equity and control in exchange for investment.
  • The current pipeline consists of eight businesses.
  • The drawdown schedule is three years.
  • Each member in the fund typically requires up to $500K investment
  • Our expectations for success is that out of every 10 companies, as many as half will not make it. 30 to 40 percent will perform as expected, and the remaining 10 to 20 percent will exceed all expectations.
  • Ignition actively works closely with each fund recipient to achieve outsized returns for our investors and to mitigate risk.
  • To mitigate these risks, each company in the fund has been rigorously vetted with revenue projections, background and credit checks for the founders, and possibility of success. If we don’t strongly feel that a company has the chance to succeed, it is not added to the fund. We provide a list with details of each company in the fund.
  • Returns are expected in the high teens, annualized over seven to ten year life.
  • There will be fiduciary responsibility if there are outside investors.
  • Management fee of 2% of allocated capital plus 25% performance fees of the realized gains from exits. This is only AFTER all investors have been made whole on their original investment. There will be concentration limits and sector limits.
  • Minimum investment for fund entry is $250K.

Become an Ignition Advisor

Are you a successful entrepreneur? Do you have industry or investment experience? Ignition has opportunities for you to help strengthen the entrepreneurship community, with a level of commitment that suits you. We have a mentor network and an advisory board. You do not have to be an investor or be local to be a mentor or advisor.

As a mentor, we will only contact you if someone is working on something related to your industry or experience, unless you indicate you want to be more involved. We’ll ask to pair you with a startup that is looking for mentorship, that we think you may enjoy working with, and which you can add value to. If you agree, we’ll make an introduction.

Advisory board members assist in the governance of Ignition and its fund. We meet once a month to discuss current and future initiatives, the Ignition Fund, and other matters. Transparency and accountability is important to us at Ignition, and we’re always looking for those who can challenge us and improve Ignition and its mission.


Donate to Ignition

Ignition is currently funded by its few founding entrepreneurs. Ignition is a 501(c)3 organization and all contributions are tax deductible charitable contributions. We’re seeking corporate sponsors and additional sources of funding so that we can provide more staff and tools for our startups, and conduct more outreach that inspires others to start new ventures and increases their chances of success.

You may contact us for donations or donate directly through paypal here.

Are you a startup seeking funding? Ignition private equity can help. Our investments are not available to anyone, and each applicant has a process that they must pass in order to receive funding.

  • Must have a solid business model. Answer the question: how are you going to make money? Is your business currently profitable?
  • The founders are critical in any evaluation. Do you have experience in this industry? How much time are you dedicated to your startup? Must complete the founder application in addition to the Application
  • Provide business financial statements, business tax returns
  • What will you be using your funds for?
  • Each applicant will undergo a credit and background check

There are also third party sources of investment available to you, of which ignition is not involved.

  • Virginia Small Business Financing Authority
  • Small business investment grant fund (SBIFG)
  • Micro Loan (up to $25,000)
  • State incentives for investors
  • Provide link to PDF, I will provide (ask me for it)
  • New Chip:
  • City of Williamsburg Economic Development Grant Application