Welcome to WormWatcher – your very own contained composting station! WormWatcher is a clear, state-of-the-art vermicomposter with a spigot.

What is vermicomposting? You guessed it – composting using worms. Customers of WormWatcher love the three end products of vermicomposting: vermicast (worm poop in layman’s terms, referred to as “black gold” by master gardeners), worm tea (the result of steeping worm castings in water; this mixture creates excellent soil conditions by adding bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, and protozoa), and red wriggler worms.

The WormWatcher is easy to use and guarantees composting success within weeks. WormWatcher targets a broad range of markets, including formal and informal education, hobbyists, organic gardeners, and urban green lifestylists. The potential for expanding into retail markets, including bait and garden stores, is extensive – there is an expected growth of at least 20% in current markets.

Gina Ridgway Bundy and Richard Bundy received the WormWatcher trademark and utility patent in 2012, and they have been growing the business ever since. In 2016, sales spread across the United States. Efforts are currently being concentrated on lowering the manufacturing cost of the product, resulting in an increased gross margin and lower price.

Are you ready to give composting a try? Look no further, because WormWatcher is the product for you! Learn more at www.wormwatcher.com.

Meet the founders

Regina Ridgway Bundy
Richard Bundy