Twamp Tees

TW&MP: stands for Typical William and Mary Person. In the words of JT Castner, founder and owner of Twamp Tees, TW&MPs are:

“… a special breed set to succeed. We stand out. We are typical in a way that each and every one of us works hard and strives to make a difference and find success in whatever way that might be. We are kind, passionate, motivated, brilliant and talented individuals that don’t care what other people think about us. We embrace the Twamp.”

The idea of Twamp Tees began in 2011, when Castner ordered the first set of shirts and sold them to his friends at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. After pursuing several entrepreneurial quests, Castner returned to Twamp Tees during his senior year at the College and transformed the idea into a popular on-campus business. Today, Twamp Tees can be frequently seen around campus, where the shirts have become a symbol of “Tribe Pride.” (The Twamp Tees business and trademark are unaffiliated with the College of William and Mary itself.)

Support the movement and put a TW&MP shirt on your back today!

Meet the founders

JT Castner