SleepHug Pillow

Grumpy. That’s how you feel when you try to sleep in a chair. You’re either grumpy because you can’t fall asleep, or grumpy because you succeeded in falling asleep but now are suffering from a terrible neckache. Whether you’re on a long flight, staying late at work, studying for an upcoming exam, or just watching television, let’s be honest – we’ve all slept in a seated position before, and it’s always been uncomfortable!

Thankfully, SleepHug Pillow is the answer!

The SleepHug Pillow is the first pillow to ever provide head, neck, and back support when in a seated position. The patent-pending design wraps easily around your neck and torso, counteracting the inevitable aches and pains that result from sitting for long periods of time. Yes, it’s that easy – simply unroll the pillow, position comfortably behind your neck, wrap in front of your shoulders, and fasten behind your back!

The SleepHug Pillow was exhibited at InventHelp’s INPEX Trade Show, the largest invention trade show in the U.S. While at the event, the SleepHug Pillow received the Gold Medal of Innovative Excellence and the Best Therapeutic Invention. SleepHug customers continually rave about the pillow, citing its versatility, effectiveness, and comfortability. So, what are you waiting for? Try the SleepHug Pillow today, and sit sleeping with a smile!

Meet the founders

Ryan Mounaime
Ryan Winn