Are you craving more out of your travel experience? Do you want to get your kids outside? Want to embark on a unique and memorable tourist journey? Check out wejunket.com , which will be released in May 2018

Junket is a mobile application and software platform that allows for the creation of virtual adventures that can be taken on location with a smartphone or smartwatch. It uses technology to transform tourist locations into fun, interactive games where the players can compete against their friends in a race across the city to solve mysteries and earn points.

Junket is currently a rebranding, redevelopment, and redesign (with new features!) of a three-year old technology startup formerly known as itourmobile. Junket doubled in size during the first six months with Ignition by serving business clients across five states in the private sector, federal government, and local government. Additionally, Junket acquired a loyal U.S. subscriber base.

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Meet the founders

Lance Zaal