Health Hat

Health Hat’s mission is to save the practice of medicine by fixing the business of healthcare because we believe that no organization, charity, or business can provide a quality product if it is built on a weak business foundation. While the practice of medicine has advanced and become more sophisticated over the years, the business of medicine is broken and failing not only patients but also hospitals and clinics. Health Hat provides a SaaS based data collection and analytical tool that facilitates the collection of currently non-electronically captured operational data from front line workers and the ability to use that data to increase operational efficiencies, thereby increasing margins and profits for hospitals and clinics while providing better care for patients. By implementing Health Hat’s SasS based solution, we not just rebuild the business foundation upon which the practice of medicine relies, we also provide hundreds of millions of patients with better care and a better experience during some of the worst times in their lives.

Meet the founders

Joshua Lawton
Michael Doughtery