BagIt Flushables

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras, American photographer and writer.

The ASPCA estimates that approximately 44% of all households in the U.S. own a dog. That’s a lot of dogs… and a lot of dog poop!

While taking Fido for a walk is a great leisure activity, improper disposal of dog poop is a serious environmental concern. Animal feces are one of the foremost causes of water pollution. When Fido’s poop is left on a lawn in the neighborhood, it extends far beyond the annoyance of the neighbor. While many dog owners bag their dog’s waste and throw it away, this waste eventually ends up in a landfill – a poor environment for the decomposition of organic matter.

So, how exactly should you get rid of that pesky poop? Flushing dog waste down the toilet is actually the most environmentally responsible method of disposal. Sewage systems are already designed to treat fecal matter!

BagIt Flushables is seeking to revolutionize the disposable of dog poop. BagIt Flushables is a patent-pending water-soluble disposable bag that employs a tear away strip at the top of the bag. The strip serves to seal the bag once it is filled but release air when the bag is flushed. The result? The bag controls odor and is completely toilet and sewer safe!

With BagIt Flushables, you can continue to enjoy your walks with Fido and engage in environmentally responsible waste disposal. Visit to learn more!

Meet the founders

Dan Tesler
Jacob Paarlberg