Advanced Aircraft Company

Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC) is an aeronautical engineering and aircraft manufacturing company based in Hampton, Virginia. The company specializes in vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial systems, targeting commercial and military markets.

Advanced Aircraft Company’s design philosophy is simple: fast, innovative, and safe. The products feature streamlined aerodynamic designs, hybrid electric propulsion that allows for longer flight times, and rigorous safety procedures that can be employed if the combustion engine fails.

Two products are currently available for pre-order – Hercules and Greased Lightning. Hercules is an unmanned aircraft with a maximum payload capacity of 9 pounds or a maximum flight time of 3 ½ hours. The potential applications for the aircraft are diverse and impressive, including precision agriculture, surveying, mapping, infrastructure inspection, and use with police and first responder units. Greased Lightning is an unmanned aircraft that incorporates NASA licensed technology. The design itself was developed by NASA and now is being commercialized by Advanced Aircraft Company.

At Advanced Aircraft Company, the mission is to provide the highest quality of long endurance unmanned aircraft systems. Learn more at

Meet the founders

William J. Fredericks