Have you ever wondered what it would be like to chat with a celebrity?  What questions would you ask? What do you think their responses would be? What if? Thanks to the 1Degree app, you can finally stop wondering.

Simply download the app and follow the available “influencers” of your choice. Within the app, an influencer is a celebrity, athlete, musician, public figure, or any individual who has significant influence within their area of expertise.

Business? Entertainment? Lifestyle? Music? Sports? 1Degree offers influencers in all of these categories, so whatever you’re into, there’s always someone to FaceTime!  You will receive a push notification on your phone when an influencer that you follow creates a live “auction”. How to win? Become the highest bidder within the auction time, or be the first to reach the $200 bid cap.

So you’ve won! For two minutes, you get to chat with your influencer and ask them the questions you’ve spent days dreaming up. After the chat video, the influencer has the option to either keep or donate the proceeds to any 501c3 charity. The result? It’s a chat with a purpose that you will remember for a long time.

Download the app today, and discover more at www.1degreeapp.com!