Ignition Company Profiles

Jeff Beck
Adam Dreyfus



Sometimes, situations require prompt action. AnswersNow seeks to provide for an answer for one such situation: the AnswersNow app is designed to connect parents and caregivers of children with autism to an expert via private text and video. When caring for a child with autism, it is of the utmost importance to create a supportive professional healt... Read More

Justin Gilfus
Joshua Lawton

Abraxis Technology


Abraxas Technology is bringing outdoor advertising into the Digital Age using custom technology providing the ability to track impressions, capture follow through, and provide direct customer engagement. The mission is to make outdoor advertising as effective as online advertising.Problem: Outdoor advertising has not been able to generate verif... Read More

Glen Duff



Zup a new sports innovation company. ZUP recognized a need for innovation in the watersports market. Many boat owners take riders encompassing a variety of ages, sizes and abilities out on their boats. There was not a product that gave all these different groups the same opportunity for success. Our products seek to lower the barrier for entry in t... Read More

Joshua Lawton
Michael Doughtery

Health Hat


Health Hat's mission is to save the practice of medicine by fixing the business of healthcare because we believe that no organization, charity, or business can provide a quality product if it is built on a weak business foundation. While the practice of medicine has advanced and become more sophisticated over the years, the business of medicine is... Read More

Joe Belstering



MajorClarity lets students quickly and easily try out careers through one-of-a-kind activity and video content. We then align students to easily customizable academic plans of study based on their career interests (setup by the school) that keep them on track throughout secondary and post-secondary education.... Read More

Regina Ridgway Bundy
Richard Bundy



Welcome to WormWatcher – your very own contained composting station! WormWatcher is a clear, state-of-the-art vermicomposter with a spigot.What is vermicomposting? You guessed it – composting using worms. Customers of WormWatcher love the three end products of vermicomposting: vermicast (worm poop in layman’s terms, referred to as “blac... Read More

Ryan Mounaime
Ryan Winn

SleepHug Pillow


Grumpy. That’s how you feel when you try to sleep in a chair. You’re either grumpy because you can’t fall asleep, or grumpy because you succeeded in falling asleep but now are suffering from a terrible neckache. Whether you’re on a long flight, staying late at work, studying for an upcoming exam, or just watching television, let’s be hone... Read More

William J. Fredericks

Advanced Aircraft Company


Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC) is an aeronautical engineering and aircraft manufacturing company based in Hampton, Virginia. The company specializes in vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial systems, targeting commercial and military markets.Advanced Aircraft Company’s design philosophy is simple: fast, innovative, and safe. The produc... Read More

Daniel Tesser

Swipe Swap


Welcome to SwipeSwap – the online platform that is an auction-styled marketplace tailored for college students looking to exchange items! At SwipeSwap, users have the option to buy and sell goods within their own campuses, or amongst other campuses. SwipeSwap provides students with a safe, secure, and exciting auction experience. SwipeSwap's prim... Read More

Cesar Murillo

Mandela Coffee


The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization reports that nearly one-fifth of the world’s current population lives in areas of water scarcity. And this number will continue grow if we don’t act now: by 2025, two-thirds of the world will live under conditions of water scarcity and more than two billion people worldwide will rely on we... Read More

Steve Whear
Armando Velasquez

Cradling Sleeper


Can’t sleep? We’ve all been there. With the Cradling Sleeper, however, you can stop counting sheep and get the relaxing sleep you deserve.The Cradling Sleeper is a patent-pending, ergonomically molded foam side sleeping cushion that is designed to relieve shoulder pressure and align the spine. The cushion is superior to standard pillows bec... Read More

Nathaniel Marcus

Occasion Genius


Are you planning a party and in need of a great idea? Look no further than OccasionGenius. OccasionGenius is an innovative online platform that connects users with local businesses that host both corporate and private events – from team-building workshops to bachelorette parties to kids’ birthday celebrations. OccasionGenius believes that plann... Read More

Lance Zaal
Adam Theis

Drink Williamsburg / Drink Richmond


Prepare yourself for the ultimate educational drinking experience! With affordable ticket prices, Drink Williamsburg will take you around town to drink, tour, taste, and learn at many local craft alcohol hot spots. Join the alcohol adventure as a single rider, group, or private party.By booking your tour with Drink Williamsburg, you don’t nee... Read More

Positive Grounds


Positive Grounds is seeking to change the world: one pair of socks at a time.That’s right! Positive Grounds wants to help you look up, even when you’re looking down – because when you’re wearing Positive Grounds socks, you literally have inspiration written on your toes. Positive Grounds is a motivational sock company that provides high... Read More

Dan Tesler
Jacob Paarlberg

BagIt Flushables


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras, American photographer and writer.The ASPCA estimates that approximately 44% of all households in the U.S. own a dog. That’s a lot of dogs… and a lot of dog poop!While taking Fido for a walk is a great leisure activity, improper disposal of dog poop is a s... Read More

JT Castner

Twamp Tees


TW&MP: stands for Typical William and Mary Person. In the words of JT Castner, founder and owner of Twamp Tees, TW&MPs are:“… a special breed set to succeed. We stand out. We are typical in a way that each and every one of us works hard and strives to make a difference and find success in whatever way that might be. We are kind, pas... Read More



PrintIt is a commercial business with a social mission to provide unique and affordable housing for minimalist individuals throughout the United States. How? By way of 3D house printing. This cutting-edge technology allows housing construction to be 10x more efficient than traditional construction methods. The future of construction is here!Whi... Read More

Elliot Roth



Have you heard of the new superfood that is taking the health world by storm?The time is now. Spirulina is an algae, or cyanobacteria, that is remarkably high in protein and essential amino acids, as well as B-vitamins, antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and iron. In fact, spirulina is a complete protein source: it contains all of the esse... Read More

Justin Burgess
Kevin Jacobson



WarGames LLC is run and operated by military veterans, with the goals of providing games and leisure activities for military active and retired alike, as well as donating proceeds to reputable charities to assist veterans. We take pride in providing only the best gaming content for our military men and women. However, our games are designed to stil... Read More



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to chat with a celebrity?  What questions would you ask? What do you think their responses would be? What if?  Thanks to the 1Degree app, you can finally stop wondering.Simply download the app and follow the available “influencers” of your choice. Within the app, an influencer is a celebrity,... Read More

Lance Zaal



Are you craving more out of your travel experience? Do you want to get your kids outside? Want to embark on a unique and memorable tourist journey? Check out wejunket.com , which will be released in May 2018Junket is a mobile application and software platform that allows for the creation of virtual adventures that can be taken on location wit... Read More