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As of January 1 2022, the center is now closed

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Entrepreneurs find success at Ignition. We aim to build community for everyone, from young professionals to experienced entrepreneurs. Ignition supports startups through events, mentorship, investor network, office space, and takes an active role in supporting the role of founders to build a profitable business. We have the diverse staff, experience, and funds to quickly launch a business from scratch; and the experience to know when we shouldn’t. Ideas are worthless. Execution is what matters, and we’re here to execute. On average, we work with between 10 to 30 startups at any given time ranging from pre-seed to Series A. We leverage a network of talented marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, and technical staff both locally and remotely to work closely with founders to jumpstart their business. Ignition removes barriers, empowers founders and builds confidence to ensure a startups’ success in taking its vision to market. Ignition is the only privately financed, operated, and independent business incubator managed by a team of entrepreneurs. Ignition is a 501 (c) 3 business accelerator based in Williamsburg, Virginia, on the top floor of 1006 Richmond Rd.

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Ignition delivers amazing results

208<br> Companies or Founders served 208
Companies or Founders served
$2.3M<br> Revenue Earned $2.3M
Revenue Earned + $550K investment for startups
20 Jobs Created 26
Jobs Created

Since September 2016

Ignition focuses on great results

Programs and Events

The Ignition process

The Ignition process is simple and transparent. It starts with our application, which is needed to schedule a meeting with us. Once we review your application and reach out to you on what the next steps are,depending on the path that is most appropriate for you. Ignition does not charge to come in, work out of our center, and join the entrepreneurial community there.Here’s how our process works:

Complete the initial application.


Application is reviewed. We place candidates into one of our plans, or schedule a meeting. Expect to hear back from us in 1 to 2 weeks.


After initial meeting, applicant is determined to be a collaborator or incubator; or accelerator depending on the stage of their business and their needs.


If applicant enters the accelerator program, they must complete our founder application. A second meeting is held to determine level of investment, goals, and level of participation.

Ignition offers three types of membership:
Collaborator $200/mo

Access to the Ignition network of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors; and events.

Co-Working  $250/mo

24/7 access to the Ignition office in downtown Williamsburg. Ideal for those looking for a fun and productive place to work around great people.

Full Service   $350/mo

Best for full time entrepreneurs, full service provides access to both the space and Ignition network and events.

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