Ignition’s Mission Statement

Ignition’s mission is to create profitable and sustainable businesses, while igniting a passion for entrepreneurship.

Who we are and what we do

Ignition was founded by entrepreneurs with the mission of helping entrepreneurs create and build profitable and sustainable businesses. We assist a range of startups across the country, from existing businesses looking to grow, to people who simply have an idea. We do not have a set program that everyone followed, because we recognize that each business model and founder is unique. This is why we set individual paths to success for all of our incubator and accelerator clients, and work closely with them to build an awesome and profitable business.

We offer free co-working space for professionals and hopeful entrepreneurs, and tailored programs for dedicated entrepreneurs, with the necessary tools they need to win. We’re not in the business of renting space, we’re in the business of creating profitable businesses. Whether it is technology or product based, we have experience in a range of industries and offer services and investment to help you get where you need to be.

We founded Ignition because we recognized that the Hampton Roads area needed a privately governed and financed organization that worked side by side with people to provide them with the experience, resources, and money to create great companies. We love the thrill of starting new ventures and have learned many lessons along the way, through our collective successes, and especially, our failures. This places us in a unique position to guide entrepreneurs to a successful path, while steering others away from common pitfalls.

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It takes an acute mental focus and discipline. It also takes a team: no matter how great you are, you can’t do it alone. It’s not about working hard; it’s about working smart to solve the right problems, with the right solutions, surrounded by the right team. We’re not here to offer gimmicks or get rich quick plans. Entrepreneurship is a difficult and scary path, one not suited for the faint of heart. It’s a lifestyle and mindset. Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. We hope to make some at Ignition.

The Ignition Center hosts several startup events, education sessions, and competitions throughout the year to raise awareness and empower anyone with the desire to forge their own path through entrepreneurship. We may have started in September of 2016, but in the first six months of operation, seven of our new startup companies generated more than half a million in revenue, which resulted in the creation of 10 jobs.

Whether you fail or succeed at Ignition, we hope you’ll be part of our startup community, and hold on to that passion to create, to learn, to challenge the status quo, and to become better while improving the world for the people around us.

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Meet the Ignition team

Our team creates custom plans for each venture, and works closely with its founder to establish their company and take it to the next level. We serve as consultants; can provide a team of skilled and proven designers; web developers; marketing and advertising professionals; mobile application developers; and offer funding for qualified applicants. Our team has relevant and recent experience starting and launching successful businesses, so our members get experienced support from people who empathize with the struggles of starting a business and understand the challenges that startups face.

Lance Zaal

Ignition founder and board member, Lance started his first business in Williamsburg in 2011 while attending William and Mary. He has experience in software and mobile applications with itourmobile.com; eCommerce; and the tourism and travel markets with. His ventures do business with cities, the federal government, private entities, and consumers.

Tim Yewcic

Tim serves as board member and Director of Ignition. His most recent startup experience was with Chef K’s kitchen, a local chef prepared food delivery service. Tim is a graduate of the William and Mary MBA program.

Demetrios Florakis

Demetrios is a developer, skilled deal maker, and Williamsburg native who started selling his own soda vending machines and pay phones as a teenager. He has experience in the hotel and restaurant business, where he owned several IHOP chains. Demetrios serves as Chairman of the Williamsburg Planning Commission. See more at Demetrios-florakis.com

Adam Theis

Adam is an Ignition board member, diversified investor and technology guru. His background is in technology consulting, design and integration. He has spent the last 15 years providing these services to the public and private sectors across the country. Adam is a Williamsburg native and knows the area's entrepreneurial potential.

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We helped FUBAR cards, a military compatible version of Cards Against Humanity based out of Seattle, shortly after they launched their Kickstarter campaign. We created the branding, logo, packaging design, advertising campaign, and built a mobile application for them. The Kickstarter campaign raised more than $70K, was featured in Military Times, and several other publications. FUBAR was eventually partially acquired by another company, and achieved great success in its first year. FUBAR has sold thousands of decks and is a great example of what a dedicated and disciplined team of entrepreneurs can do with little time.

Drink Williamsburg

Drink Williamsburg opened for business in October 2016, but it took months of work to get there, and Ignition navigated the regulations, set pricing strategy, branding, and designed and developed an ecommerce website. Within four months since conception, the company had met all regulatory requirements, acquired a bus, had online presence, and earned its first customers. This fun company now serves busloads of fun loving guests every week.


Jaunt is a mobile application and software platform that allows for the creation of virtual adventures that can be taken on location with a smartphone or smartwatch. It uses technology to transform tourist locations into fun, interactive games where the players can compete against their friends in a race across the city to solve mysteries and earn points.

Jaunt is currently a rebranding, redevelopment, and redesign with new features of a three-year old tech startup formerly known as itourmobile. Jaunt doubled in size in the first six months with Ignition, serving business clients in five states in the private sector, federal government, and local government; in addition to acquiring a US based subscriber base.

Ignition’s Governing Documents